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My Story

How I started


Like most Moms, I loved to make my 3 sons cakes for their birthdays. Although none of them really liked cake and preferred the brownie and ice cream route, I enjoyed buying those fun shaped pans then going to town with the piped stars.


Fast forward 20+ years. A co-worker wanted to learn cake decorating, as he was already a fantastic baker. I agreed to attend class with him. He quit after the first course yet I was hooked! After completing every course they had to offer, I scoured the internet for anything and EVERYTHING cake! What a wonderful tool...the internet. Online schools and tutorials everywhere! Thousands of them!!!.


I get inspiration for cake designs everywhere I look. The gorgeous handbags we sell at my "real job", the textures and patterns of fabric I see at my local quilt shop, a cute ruffley dress my new grandbaby wears, the colors of our beautiful Oklahoma sunsets...I see cake design all around me.


I'd be honored to play a part in your next celebration, whether it be a birthday, wedding, baby shower or just because you want to show someone they're special to you.


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